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Tuesday peas & moat swimming

I took the children to the lowlands to pick peas and eat them from the Mulch Trail after they helped me to pick them.

The ridge top trail is quite nice and mostly free of plants, but it’s narrow in the lowlands between the ridges. Desmond loves opening and eating peas. So does Maya. They were so sweet obediently holding the plant while pulling the pea pod off. They also liked throwing the rocks off the top of the ridge after I tried to land some across the quiet still water of the moat to the car trail.

I carried Maya some of the time. It’s a long way around the ridge. She got tired after a while. She walked most of the first Terrace, but after sitting and eating some peas, then moving forward down the ridge and playing with the rocks, she wasn’t really interested in moving onto the third ridge.

So I carried her up onto that ridge and we looked at the corn. I dug beside a flowering potato plant and found a lovely little red potato. It was yummy!Afterwards, we stayed at grandmas cottage Maya and I inside, and Desmond outside painting on the canoe. He got a lot of pain on his hands, so I suggested he make handprints on the side of the trailer. He’d like that. Except, it was hot metal.


So then he painted the bottom of my shoes and made footprints all over the carpet. I suggested he make them on the wooden pathway.

Getting muddy

Then he played in the reflecting pond, which is now pretty dry with a few puddles. He liked getting himself muddy. That was fun.

Mýa played with the letters, those big cushion the squares that go on the floor. She had fun doing that.

Willem arrived! What a wonderful surprise! He watched over them while I went for a swim. It was lovely. I dove into the mode, and swim back-and-forth. Then I thought perhaps the children would like to try the moat.

So I got Willem to get the lifejackets and I got him to hand Myott to me. Then when my ear and I floated about in the motor pool, Willem put Desmond‘s life jacket on him. They were both very keen to try out the water.

Willem got in the water and took Maia, and Desmond walk down the sand to get to me. I held him tightly, as he was afraid he was going to drowned. I helped him to relax and learn how to kick his feet. We walked/swam along the To as yet unnamed corners.

So what should I name them? It can’t be the marshwoods Pond cos that’s taken. However it was created by the long beaver dam which is now defunct. So in actuality, that marshwoods corner IS the location of the original marshwoods pond. So it’s part of a ring of water, like a swimming hole, as that’s the deepest part of the area. The marshwoods swimming hole? I’d rather not use hole. Something that more closely reflects the location. There is an abundance of flooding at that corner. The marshwoods overflow needs a sign, but it really doesn’t reflect the spot. That refers to the spot where water crosses the car trail.

I think I also need a name for the moat which is nicer.

Anyway, that corner needs a name. The opposite corner should then be, Teardrop Point swimming hole?

Can you have a pool within a large moat? Say at the two corners where the moat makes a huge pool.

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