Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday afternoon

The children and I came back up to the house after we swam in the moat, and while they went inside, I sat in the shade in the treehouse deck living room.

It was very nice to be in the shade on this deck. This deck never really had a permanent use.

It went from storing things to toys but now with wicker furniture, a couch chair and rocker, with lovely cushions, it is such a beautiful space and such a magnet.

We also have a group of four other chairs three of which have beautiful cushions on them as well. So last night when some of the family got together, I brought those Chairs over so we would have enough room for six of us, plus a little chair for a child, which never gets sat in, though

In light of came out after a while and sat in the shade as well. The children were here in there and about. It was really nice to spend some time with Lida on this wonderful new found living room which is not either boiling in the sun.

And they all left for town, so my phone with children is over for a few hours. However, it’s 230 and I’m still relaxing in my treehouse swing which is in my happy spot on treehouse deck.

The sun is starting to come over here and hit me, so I guess it’s time to do something in the shade. I was thinking it might be a good time to do things that have to be done around under the deck. Some of that in the hobbit hole could be sorted and pulled out and go somewhere else.

I also want to put some cedar branches for railings here in there. I forget where exactly now, except I know that on Cedar Hill side, that is where I found that new deer Trail.

I see the dead Birch tree three that was laying across the valley, has dropped lower. I wonder if I could create it into a bridge! Not with a birch. That would not be strong enough.

So next, I plan to go down to fiddlehead pond, and take the paddle boat from fiddlehead pond and bail it out, and take it to tear drop point, and put it in the water. Willem and I will have to do this together.

Once I get the paddle boat in there, I’m going to put the bags of leaves on it. Willem needs leaves for his mulching on the island. Then I will ferry them across the water to the island.

I can leave them near the terrace that he’s working on. Next time we get leaves, in the fall, I think it would be best to put a lot on the island side, but not necessarily by the bridge. They should just be fair it around and put all the way outside of the island on the ledge.

Some of the squashes that i planted on that ledge, is looking very good! We may get some squash pretty soon! Nice! However, most of the squash are only a few inches across,

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