Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday morning

I’ve accomplished a lot so far, at 9:22 AM.

I remember I used to tidy up all the house in the morning, but I don’t do that anymore. Perhaps I should.

Actually, I think I did do a bunch of little things in the kitchen. I filled lots of water jars with water for the day, putting them on to the sites outside where I hang out.

I stuck the coloured flowers that Elijah hard for her birthday, which of now all wilted, and we should have been put in the garbage, but instead, I stuck them in between the cracks on the deck, so that the children could play with them.

Although they have some large toys, they don’t have much small stuff to do outside. The intense stuff, like painting and drawing.

Tas gave him a book which is in the car seat in the car, which I let him use the other day while we were driving down to the island garden.

It’s in the car so he has something interesting to do while we drive.

I’ve already made some veggie mung doll for lunch.

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