Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thursday morning

I picked the first planting for the second time, or is it the third picking.

Yippee! Some peas do much better than others, depending on the amount of sun it’s getting as well as the closeness of the pea plants. The places where we worked up the soil first are the hottest areas. They should have the corn planted there! Next year!

The areas where the sun hits it in the morning, on the east side of the garden, has some really good plants, and others that are very tiny.

Because the beds are terraces, on a crater edge, all of them are 45° angle, and they all have a hard time holding the moisture because it’s got such a narrow sharp peak where the ridgetop trail is.

Mary Jane will be thrilled to see you what a wonderful job we’ve done with the terraces on the island! She was the one that suggested that we have a walkway all around the top. What a good idea.

I was only gone for an hour to pick the peas, so when I got back I still had a half an hour before allied a left for work and I was on duty.

Maye wanted to wear my hat. What style she likes. She’s not taken one to wear so quickly as she did this one.

I brought out toys for them to play with. They have big items out here, but no smaller parts that go with them, like the dishes for the kitchen, or the cars for the parking garage.

Now it’s better! She sure wanted that cone!They’ve just figured out that they can put water in the sink. So off Desi went with a quart jar to fill from the pool. He poured it all in, while I made sure it wasn’t too heavy to get it all in.

I’m really loving this wicker furniture! It’s comfy to sit or to lie on. It’s nice and shady all morning, and then we move to the other side of the house.

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