Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


as Desmond was fast asleep when it was time for mommy to get ready to take them to their other grandmother, I suggested I could bring Desmond over when he woke up.

While he slept, I took the lid off the kiln to take it to the sun to dry out. It’s just four screws that’s held the hinge and lid on.

On the way, he had the book that Tas gave him, the pencil drawing by sticker I guess.

I stayed and visited with Granny, thinking that we are quite similar in our experiences. I’m glad she’s the other grandma. It could Have been someone dreadful!

I went to the antique flea market and got a rolling pin. I went to the Sally Ann and got a huge bear and a smaller one for Sedge Meadow tipi.

I drove home and set the bear in the hammock, which is just his size, the doll in the chair and resituated everyone so they were playing on the ladder and in the yard.

Willem was working on Crater Island, mulching the garden. It’s pretty large for mulching!

I went over to see my nearby daughter, then came back to Naderlands Doorp.

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