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I hooked the old Christmas trees onto the zip line at the top of wildflower Hill.

It was so cool to sail four of them across the deep valley to the plateau garden beds. I’m going to wire them together and create a barricade around the 20 raised beds, to keep the veggies safe from the deer. I hope they go all the way around! Otherwise I don’t think it will be very effective!

I found the wheelbarrow over there and brought it back and shovelled the pile of soil that was on the plastic beside the stairs Willem just made.

I wheeled it around and dumped it at the bottom of the staircase. I did that repeatedly, and then Desi and Maia woke up. So they helped me too. They met me at the bottom of the stairs, and used their toys shovels and rakes to move the soil around.

I was so pleased when it was done! I really should get a photo of it.Isn’t it lovely! I like the railings along the stairs. Not done yet, gotta get more wood. That’s Flowers Tipi. It looks pretty dry in the gardens. I wanted to water it but had a hose situation.

When the children had nap/quiet time, I went to the dump, then to the garden to pick peas with Willem. I didn’t have much energy to do more than sit.

I made a few trips to the dump.

. I want to identify this mosquito that was sitting on the side of the swing unsupported at grandmas tipi. I was sitting there to dry off from my nice swim. But it was nice beside the cabin overlooking Serenity Dippity Pond. It isn’t clear, but the top looks like the water is slowly clearing These alders around the pond are in such good shape. Willem picking peas. This little bee landed on me. I went to the dump where I found a few beautiful books and a child’s wading pool. Also a green table and two chairs.

I drove around the Triaqua car trail and deposited the ladder in two spots. I like driving around with the trailer on the back of the car, because I can just put things in taking to the dump or vice versa.

I played with the children after mom went to work. I had a new wading pool for them. They wanted it alongside the other one

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