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It was a regular day, but Willem, who was going to Maryjanes for four days while she came here, so she could have some time away from her caregiving responsibilities taking care of her dear husband, found out that Michael was in emergency so the exchange was cancelled.

It was quite an unexpected cancellation as he was about to leave.

I love when the children wake me up. We went down the big stairs to the tipi. The kids had fun on the way down the new path. At the last minute, we decided to take one car. Willem had already packed the travelling car.

I feel like we are such a family at church. I love the talk my friend Deb gave. My motto is do something every day that scares you. I don’t, of course. Sometimes, however,

Things are getting very dry at home. The corn on the way home is roping. Our corn on the island is looking very healthy as its roots go down to the water. Of course, it does need some nitrogen.

The children and Jean went to see theGarden at grandmas TP and walked in to pick some peas! They love that. Does his breakfast today.

We had a potluck afterwords. Willem brought his potato flakes with metal tea flavoring, or for binding club and vegan margarine. I’m not sure about this margarine thing. I think margarine is supposed to be bad just in principle.

The weather has heated up again. Last week we had a scorcher in the high 30s. Every day was over 30. this week has started cooler, but each day is getting up there too. I love the heat.

Here, people don’t like the heat because you can’t do anything during the heat. The thing is, the thing the rest of the world knows, is that in the heat of the day you do nothing. You lay around and enjoy the heat. If it’s in Georgia glisten day, when your arms are covered with sweat, and you glisten

We had a potluck and farewell which kept us later. We came home and children were there.

We had a nice time playing together in the pool. They like having a second pool. It must have a big, because this morning the water was all gone.

I was so grateful to have Willem home! He does so much around the house and he’s so kind and helpful to me. I looked at the dishes and realize says the sink is filled up, that I was going to have to do the dishes if I wanted to have a clean kitchen! He has also been shocking and blanching and drying all the pieces that I harvest from the garden. He’s been working so diligently down there mulching, covering the soil around all the plants. There’s not a lot of problem with weeds down there. But, anemones, anemone, mustard, and thistle. All of them are quite easy to pull out. We don’t have a lot of the other weeds that we have near the house, likely because this is new soil, and any seeds that were in it when it was on the ground have now been very deep.

I wanted to go for a walk this evening, so I walked around the deck, as Willem is too worn out to go with me. I didn’t want to Walk down the hill, as my knees are good except on slopes. So I just walked around the deck.

Frank came over to borrow the trailer. I have decided that since it is so hard to have the trailer when I want it, I’m not lending it out anymore.

I have been moving slab and teepee poles From Sedgemeadow TP. It’s really nice to be able to move things with the trailer instead of carrying them around. I can put all the things that need to go somewhere else around the lowlands and to Grandmas cottage or the garden, and then just take them.

I also like taking the trailer when I go to the dump. So many times I have found things at the dump that I can’t fit into my car and they are gone when I retrieve my trailer go back with the trailer sometime later.

But lately, I have been using it when I go to the dump and I have been able to find some pretty awesome stuff from under mattresses in the dump. There is always lumber there too. For the things that I want to construct, I think that I’m going to have to start bringing some of it home.

I was so pleased when I found the top and bottom and cushions to the glider. I assume it broke when it was tossed from a truck into the garbage proper.

The other day I found a porch swing but it was buried under other stuff in the metal bin, so I couldn’t get it. If I always take my trailer, and go whenever the dump is open, I’m sure to find the porch swings that the local cottagers want to replace. I have many of those swings now, all in nice spots.

One is in my happy spot in the treehouse, another is down at the end of fiddlehead pond where is the views are amazing. I have one beside grandmas cottage, the old camper who’s walls and floor are separating. There is even some very tall grass growing between the crack between the floor and the wall.

I have two porch swings on sunrise hillside. One of them I don’t use. I don’t use it because the back does not give me any stability. Perhaps, the back is just angled too far. Perhaps I can adjust it so that It can’t lean back so far.

I have a swing that looks over iceberg pond. The other day I found a picnic table there too. I think it’s a nice thing to have beside iceberg TP.

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