Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday morning pages

I weighed 187 this morning!

I thought I had a physio appointment at seven, so I drove in here and found out that it is on Wednesday morning at seven!

I better hurry home so I can be there when the children get up. I like to play with them so mommy can sleep.

Well, at least I’m not late,.

I really love sitting in our treehouse deck area. It is now furnished with lovely wicker furniture. I am trying to make a spot with chairs in each corner of the deck. We have a lot of people here, so a lot of chairs are needed.

I found a glider the other day for the deck, it’s a glider very old and in rather rough shape. I also found a broken right rocker glider in the dump proper, and brought it home and glued the back, back onto the chair.

I would like to try building a chair that is a swing. I think it would be very nice to have a good porch swing. It would be just a chair not a bench. I have an idea for a swing like that in the yard, perhaps from a tree. We don’t have any trees right around the house that we could do that with.

Maya wanted to play with the bird food, so I let her have some. She dumped it out on the deck floor instead of taking it to the ground off the deck. But in the morning the raccoons and birds had eaten it all up, so it was not a problem anymore.

Speaking of raccoons, I guess our length of day does not change their schedule. They usually come out in late afternoon or early evening, but now, it’s bright sunshine at those times, so it seems strange to see them there. Raccoons are interesting animals.

I am going to build a wig whomp. I don’t know if I’ve been showing that before, but I had a talk with Ankaret about it the other day.

I’ve been driving the back roads, and finding places where I might be able to ask for some saplings. There are a lot of dents hardwood forest around here. Perhaps Bill B. knows where. He does a lot Of work in the woods where he cares for a maple sugar lot. He’s quite the person. He knows every mushroom, every plant, every tree. He’s quite an amazing person. He is lived his whole life in the woods. Anyway, I think that will be a good idea.

I may have enough saplings on the edge of the woods behind the plateau Gardens. I think the best saplings are going to be growing on the edge of the forest there. I’ll have to have a better look. I need 30 of them. That might call for an excursion to a hunt camp.

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