Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I rebuilt Iceberg Tipi.

This was my first try. I thought I was bldg on a slope, the vegaetation hid the terrain, the gravel sand that was from the wall of the pond. This is that try. So I took it apart and tried again. The children we’re happy to see me when I got back to the house.


I played with them in the morning, and then when they went down for a nap, I went back down and took the maple syrup things besides the mode where the black soil is about a foot deep. It was so easy there to push the polls in a foot down, and then charge them over and push them down another foot at the other end.

I worked on that for about an hour and created the dome structure. It’s really cool to see it. It’s only room for one person to stand, I think. But a few people could sit in there, especially if they’re on the ground.

Afterwards, I drove down past Carole‘s into the wilderness, and cut down Willow saplings that were along the Side of the narrow road.

There was a cluster of black ash trees Which were exactly the size I needed. They were very straight, and as I cut them, I thought perhaps I could feel the bark off them and use it for black ash basket making. Wouldn’t that be cool!

I was home just in time to take care of the children while Alida left for work. We spent the afternoon on Shady deck, which I had spent a lot of time making into a nice spot to sit.

Alida had sat with me a while in the morning, and Willem came out and sat later. The children found a way to entertain themselves with a lot of Christians, the stepstool, and all their energy. They would run around the steps to climb up and jump off on.

Desmond wanted me to make a sign that said pool place, which I did with my router and cedar boards, and then I screwed it onto the deck railing near the pool.

When we were sitting on the shady Deck, Desmond decided that we needed to make a sign That says, festival place.

I sounded like an odd name to me, but he insisted, and there’s no harm in making a sign and screwing it on, because it can be unscrewed at any time.

As I sat there and looked out over the hilltop your café, I realize that the deck was sort of like a stage.

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