Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Ben came over

I was so excited when I heard from dad that Ben was in the car and might come over.

His wonderful wife and 2yo son, ie, his family is away on a business trip, I was still taking care of the children when he came, so we sat out on the shady deck and visited.

After a while, we thought the children around to the play structure, and down the ramp, and around the house.

After Jean came home, I went with Ben for a walk. We walked around the Gardens, into the turkey shed, and sat upon deer Meadow. That was the most lovely place to sit. There was a wonderful cool breeze, and the view into the forest was lovely. The mosquitoes were in tote as it hasn’t quite gotten dark yet.

We went down and walked around the moat. We went along side the stream, where I showed him my new stairs, and he carried some of the white chairs that I got the other day at the dump, further along the stream to places where we could sit.

The cedar trees are quite an obstacle now. They have fallen across the stream, and are blocking the pathway. The roots create a huge hole. So we took them, the white chairs along the stream and put them at spots where we can sit together eventually. There were a lot of bugs.

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