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I actually hung up all the clothes that were laying around in our bedroom!

I know for some people that’s easy, but I have not had it as a priority for quite a while.

The daylilies are really dry. The leaves are turning yellow. Everything is really crunchy. Even the soil in the labyrinth is too dry to dig into! It’s sandy silt in there.

I headed out for my physiotherapy appointment at 7 AM, and she did laser and ultrasound and the I TT or something on my knees. One is with four pads an electrical current, so that’s what I think is ITT, but it might not be.

I dropped off the saplings near the wigwam before I left. I had a chance to hang out with the light out what she was doing laundry. It’s nice to get to know her better. I tried to dig up some routes, Spruce routes for building the wigwam, tying the crosses together on it. I didn’t get very far, I should’ve taken a knife out with me to cut the roots. Or clippers.

The children were up and busy when I got there. Desi found me on the deck. I pretended I was really surprised to see him.

I told him he didn’t have to do anything all day if you would babysit for me from 2 to 5. I had an appointment with my needles doctor in Ottawa. I could’ve brought them with me if I needed to, but I thought it would be better that way, since their cousin is out of town anyway.

I wasn’t really home for very long, enough time to make some mung bean doll, which is like lentils. William likes it if it’s dry and can be spread on rice cakes.

I had a nice ride to town, and got their six minutes late because I missed the exit on Carling. The exit is closed and instead of getting off at the previous exit, I was in the middle lane and couldn’t get over. So I got off at Parkdale which slowed me down a bit, but actually, it was pretty close to where I wanted to be.

I like Dr. Na house. He’s a knowledgable person. I let them give me all the needles again


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