Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Work on the birch bark wigwam

I had a very nice time after mommy and daddy came home and took care of the children and I went down to the lowlands where I peel the bark off the saplings, or some of them, that I had harvested the other day.

The willow has very bumpy would beneath the bar, but it gives the bark a certain Elegance, all those little dense like lintel.

When I peel the ash, I was amazed at how smooth bark was, how much like Boston Ash splints.

But core of the ass is a dark hardwood, much different from the willow. However, when I was trying to hammer the sapling, it just looked White. I once found a ash log in a stream in the military base in Ottawa, and found that it was splitting. It was very interesting, and I think that the water had something to do with its splitting open. I was thinking perhaps I could find a shortcut instead of hammering the log.

I did that down in the studio last night, hammering the log, because I didn't want to wake up the children and parents last night.

It's So enjoyable down in the lowlands. A paragraph that I will build to wigwams, or combined birch-bark and thatch. I think it would be better 2 put the birch bark at the bottom and the thatch coming down over it at the top I think I'm going to use the pampas grass which has a different name, but I used before. This time, I will use green Reed's. I don't want to deal with the Dry brittle stuff. I still have to try to tie it extra tightly to make sure that any shrinkage doesn't affect the security of the ties.

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