Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Temple day

I had such a wonderful day in the temple. I just love the people that are in there, the workers that I work with. I also love our Temple presidency. It's really nice to have all those people as friends.

Jane was there tonight. It was so good to be around her, even though we didn't get to do a lot of visiting. Her lunch time was different than mine, so I skipped my lunch and hang out with her after while she was waiting for other things to get organized.

I love the way I feel when I'm in the temple. I always feel so calm and peaceful. I'm so grateful that there is a God and that Jesus Christ is our savior I'm just so grateful for that, which takes off a lot of pressure.

You know every evening after we're here, I let William drive, or he just drives, so I really don't know the way to get to the homes of these various people that we stay with.

I wish I had more time to hang out with Mary Jane. That was really fun when we stayed at their house for 8 days. Of course it wasn't fun that it was our car that was the reason that we had to stay there. This car we have now is very nice too. I think this is our third Toyota Matrix I think. It's a nice car. The other two of them I used for Farm cars, filling up the trunk with all kinds of stuff, but this car doesn't have child seats, and also our good car.

Williams old car, the one that has child seats in it now, which is kind of beating up, thanks to me, so it's the one I use for pulling the trailer which gives me much more room than trying to stuff everything inside. It's also very simple to take things up to the house and down to the lowlands when I have a trailer.

I'm so grateful that my body works so well. I'm getting quite strong, and developing muscles in places that I've never felt muscles before. Swimming laps in the moat is also really helpful. It's the easiest exercise for me. Sometimes however it's such a long way around the moat so I'm glad that there are two ladders for getting out, and also you can climb out anywhere.

I used to have a list of people that I pray for and put their names on the temple prayer roll, but I haven't looked at that list in a long time. I just write down the names of the people that are fresh in my mind we need help. A lot of people

I'm so grateful for my happiness. I'm grateful that I can feel Joy.. I'm so grateful that I can get rid of my guilt. But I don't have to go around thinking I'm a terrible person because of all the bad things I've ever done. I'm very grateful that I can change. I think I'm becoming a better person. Of course, the jury still out on that.

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