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Harvesting natural materials

Black ash
The other night, Thursday I think, William and I were driving out so I could find a sapling of black ash. I stood there by the car and peeled it. It had the most amazing bark on the inside. It was so amazingly smooth and in an hour it was rock hard.

Anyway as we were coming home it appeared that the township had put in a new Culvert and left two huge piles of basketry bulrushes plants in a huge heat near the cover.

We stopped and I harvested all the seeds that I could find that were on the tops of the plants. William used my clippers and cut through a section of the mat or matted root.

I'm putting the 2 clipped pieces of root in the wide part of the mote, at Marsh Woods Pond corner. It's 30 feet wide there, so if they do take Route and become a mass, they will not block the side of the moat.

I had an idea, though. What about if I put them in the reflecting Pond, cut the pieces up little and stick them in and give them a good water. And then I was thinking I could also put them at the entrance into the iceberg Pond. We have a barricade to keep the water from overflowing and coming out into the moat, and that part is usually underwater 6 or so or maybe 12 in, depending on. Now, I think it's pretty dry. The water is at its lowest but it's been for a long time. So if they grow there and even if they grow and overflow there into the driveway, if we'll still be okay, because I can Harvest them and we can still drive on that area. They can be the weeds in the way that I cut.

I'm also going to harvest the tussock sedge. It's such a lovely grass. It's very narrow and about a meter long. I would like to use it to make coiled baskets, and perhaps other things, perhaps use it for a tail on a horse, or something like that. Not a horse.

Flag for Sedge Meadow tipi
I've been thinking about the teepee by the highway, sedgemeadow TP. I was thinking I could take a Canada flag out there and have the Scarecrow children hold the corners of it as if they're trying it on. Or raising the flag. I would need a long pole for that though. I could, I guess take a long teepee pole, and lean it against the teepee after I put the flag at the end of the pole. The trouble with doing that last time, is that I put it on the fixed permanent pool at the foundation. That was a real bad idea, because it could not be removed without dismantling the whole TP. Ladders against a pole sticking up that high would not be smart.

So anyway I was thinking about that for the children and the Canadian flag.. I could use chicken wire to start. I did that once years ago when Daniel and Abraham were young. They called him Bob he wore a pair of snow pants and I think a scarf around his head. No face. I didn't use paper mache.

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