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Friday afternoon

After Willem and I planted Scarlet's garden beds with everything that was left over from the island garden planting, I went over to Scarlett's with the trailer on the car and the missionaries who were there helped me put seven ultra heavy, decomposing bales in the trailer.  There was lots of work going on over there, so I just hung out for awhile and watched.

Eventually I brought the trailer load home and arranged the straw around all the 24 balsam trees in the yard. I have soaked it for the past 24 hours or something, moving the hose about while Willem was building screen covers for the garden beds.

I went to Grandma's cottage,  I organized and tidied it up in there.  The parent birds kept watch over me and their nest.
I took only a few essentials and walked on the top of the first ridge of the garden.  I wanted to have a good look at what was growing there.  The peas are doing well enough.  The top of the ridge is cracking, which means the moisture below is leaving through the cracks.  I've gotta rake them out so the ground will stay nice for the garden plants on the slopes below.  The mosquitoes drove me away!

I figured out how to fold a box out of birchbark.  I was going to make something out of the bark, so tried to make it out of paper first.
Tags: balsam saplings, basketmaking, grandma's cottage, scarlett
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