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Cleaning up my iphone

I transferred all my photos to my laptop. I hope it is a good place for it all, for now anyway.  I'll have to put them on my external hard drive so they will be safe when the laptop dies.  inevitable, actually!

I've had trouble uploading my journal from the samsung phone Ben gave me.  They are going into the card storage and I'm not able to access it with my lj app.

The sunrise spot of the sky was quite red before sunrise, then disappeared.  They after awhile a red dot or the sun appeared rising.  it's quite a ways away from the horizon now, eventhough it's only been a little while, and the sun is yellow white and bright.

I slept with my hearing aids on last night.  So this morning I could hear the warbling vireo quite early.  It's a sticky one already.
I've been focusing on the shady deck area.  I need to get some u bolts to attach a board to two trees for a swing beside the porch.

I'm excited about being able to record videos again, but it's not so simple anymore.
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