Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday morning

I’m hoping that my LiveJournal will work again.

( Yippee! It did!) I went into the main site on my laptop, and changed the settings. My journal will no longer be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

The children woke up and came downstairs. I was already awake when Daddy left, and I tried to water my flowers, but Desmine kept turning the water off. So now my flowers are not watered yet.

He’s my little friend. I got out and soaked the little Balsam trees. They are still quite small, but putting out some new leaves this spring doubled their sizes, in a few cases. They played on the deck with their new toy trains. While I moved the pile of soil out of the way of the pools, Maya inspected the water and Desi tried out the soil in the wheelbarrow. Desi found his tablet, so I just let him play. Maya piled up cushions and rolled from one to the other. This butterfly flew into the family room. It was going slowly at first, until I shut the door. Then it flew to the door and flapped so quickly it just looked like a blur. So I put my camera on burst, by holding the button down, and took 79 photos. I went through them, and found six that I might be able to turn into something I can see. I zoomed way in, then Brightened the photo all the way, then increased the vivid warm colors. This is the result. I think I can look this butterfly up now, but I think the book is at the cottage. Desmond certainly made a big paint pile on the pencil and pen holder on his writing station. Maya discovered it today, so I moved the paints. Desi put yellow paint in a pile and made lots of hand prints on his naked body. So no photos. We had a teddy bear pucnicIt was fun To put all the teddy bears in the small chairs in the treehouse living room. Maya traded them and changed where they were sitting.

My friend Kat came over with her granddaughter Maya, who we call a big Mira an hour my suddenly becomes baby Maya. I little Maya.

After I had watered the flowers, I put the swimming pools on the area of the yard that was dying, on account of her of the pile of dirt on the tarp headset. I figured I’d rather dump the water out there, giving nourishment to my plants, then on the deck where it just goes down into my basket tree supplies

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