Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I stayed home all day today, except for a jaunt to the lumber and dollar stores. I built some shoddy stairs to the wide stairs so I can get up from that flowerbed-lined pathway. Desi helped me and felt good about it.

I bolted one end of the swing support board around the tree. The other tree is too big so I’ll bolt another board on the back there.

I had fun with the kids. It was a hot one in the sun, but we migrated from treehouse deck to shady deck I made salt dough with corn tortilla flour. Loads of fun there!I bought a pack of butterfly stickers for Desmond to put on the windows. He made a flock. Then he climbed Corner cedar. The first three or four branches. Desi in the tree. Desi and Maya bothThen Maya cLimbed too. They played goats again.

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