Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I stayed up until about 4:30 AM cleaning the kitchen and my bedroom and the bathroom and tidying up the living room and the family room.

It looks amazing.


I had a 7 AM appointment in town, so I didn’t sleep very long, as you can imagine, because I was very afraid of missing my appointment if I let myself sleep. I got there on time and Philly used laser and ultrasound and Another machine that lays over my knee. Anyway, when I got home I was surprised at how easy it was to climb the stairs!. I don’t remember which stairs I climbed, oh, I guess it was down at Sedge Meadow tipi.

Willem took Abe back home while I stayed here with the Lido and the children until they left.

I tried to teach Desi how to pop his cheek. He will get it soon. He looks so sweet with his water and etc, heading to the car to leave.

Ornamental mulleinSoapworts or bouncing betDaylilyOther Daylily. Black eyed Susan’sThese lovely few blossoms are out today. So pretty!

After everyone carved and left I went down to the teddy bear picnic

Today’s Willem’s birthday! I’m glad I cleaned the house. It’s amazing how comfortable I feel being in our room looking out at the beautiful shady leaves rustling in the wind.

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