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Desi came in my room to wake me up.

He loves making faces for the camera. We Sat at the top of the TP stairs while. Maya and Desi Played on their tricycle and ran around us.

I move the yellow slide to the TP stairs.

We took a tour of an awesome property which Mj’d like to buy, Wore ourselves out walking the property to the corners.

There are many trails in that deciduous forest. Near the end of our journey, we walked on the edge of a steep hill along with Stream to get to the Ridge. They went back to meet up with the owner, and I walked along the stream and came out at the culvert.

Mary Jane was waiting for me. We went in to the cottage, and hung out. Actually, I just drove up to the cottage and she went inside but I jumped in the water and had a swim. It was really nice to swim around the mode. I was so hot and so tired from him I had just done.



We came back home, but just went straight to grandmas cottage where we relaxed in our brand new matching chairs. We had gone to the dump and found a brown chair that is identical to the green chair on Thursday.

I just dove into the moat and swam a lap around it. It takes a long time just swimming laps. And as I would swim, doing the backstroke, I love the exercise that it gives me. I guess I can feel every joint in my body moving as I swim. I guess that’s why it such a good exercise. It’s not terribly strenuous, and it doesn’t leave you feeling like you just did a lot of calisthenics, but it moves every joint, except perhaps the toes but I think they get moved to. No wonder it’s such a good thing. Walking doesn’t use it of your joints, does it?

After my swim I laid in the zero gravity chair, the one I got from the dump the other day, and I was so incredibly relaxed. Finally I relax from all the stress of the walk. It has been difficult at best.

We came back up to the house around 130

I also found a metal shelving unit and some panelling boards, I mean flooring boards that I like to use to put my pottery on. I can put six on the board, like six bowls, and then lift the whole thing up and slide it onto the shelving.

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