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This morning I played with the little children for a while, and laid on the hammocks with Maya.

She’s so sweet the way she goes over and climbs up onto the low Hamic. She likes to lean back and relax on the Hamic. She burned me to sit on the other hand make across from her. Earlier, I had brought a knifeThe Hamic to tightly to the birch tree. I am glad I was able to loosen that and lower it. It was so tight it was like a tight rope. Certainly not the way you like a ham today!

Mary Jane and I drove to a piece of property and parked there, and walked into the property.

It was very lovely, and reminded me very much of the hills behind Iceberg pond.

I took photos with my Samsung phone into my journal, but I don’t think it’s going to upload either.

The Stream at the bottom of the hill in that property, it’s so clear and beautiful. It’s very though. We haven’t had much rain for a long time.

If I could edit out those little branches in the front, it would be easier to see the beautiful stream. It’s funny that when you’re sitting there looking through the branches of the stream, you don’t notice the branches at all. But in a photo you certainly do.

We took two cars to one entrance and parked. Then I walked in with her on the top, but when she decided to go down the hill toward the stream, I decided to go back to my car and drive around to the other entrance and meet her at the bridge.

But before I did that, I walked around some other path, and found that the terrain at the edge of the forest, and even in the forest, is very rugged l ike it is here. It was really nice.

Finally, after sitting for some time on a nice flat stone in the midst of the beautiful maples forest, I figured I wasn’t going to be able to call to Mary Jane who was on her way around the other hill to the bridge.

I Walked back up to the car and was going to drive around to the bridge to meet her, but decided that since she had the chair, she would probably enjoy sitting and taking in the scenery, so I would have time then to go to the dump!

I went to the dump and then met up with Mary Jane at the house. We also stopped over at ankaret to let her know that I wasn't going to come today.

Elida left for work and we took the children to town. They both fell asleep in the car and slept for a while while Mary Jane checked out a shop.

We went around the block while we waited, and then when she returned we went to the park With Mary Jane. They love that park. They've been going there since they were born.

Desi wanted a lot of Swing pushing. It's hard to watch the children in that Park because the bench in the shade is on the other side of the structure.

We stopped by Alidas work for some cups of water to tide us over until we got home. I took my back roads, which is such a nice way to go. Mary Jane didn't think she had been that way before.

We gave the children back to Daddy and are out on the Shady deck relaxing. Mary Jane is making pom poms for her pom pom rug. Lots of purple yarn left on the rug outside. Wth?

A chickadee is eating out of my hand. His feathers look quite dark and modeled. Mary Jane wants to go down to Grandma's Cottage, but I'm too tired to do anything. I can't believe I walked that property again today. It’s good to go for walks.

The sun is gone away now, took off on holiday for a few minutes so I guess, so it's much more pleasant.

Or probably going to go to a lake later. After we go to Grandma's Cottage.

Mary Jane found two chairs that exactly match the one that Michael said he really liked. So she's using one of the chairs for the upholstery to finish the other one, or to repair it.

Mary Jane made a video on how to make pom poms the other day. I uploaded it this morning.

I find it's hard to remember what I've done in the day, because the days seem to be quite segmented. I don't seem to flow into each other. Seems like I do a lot and then relax do a lot then relax, but some of the what I do a lot of is done as puttering, so I can't always remember what it was.

On the other hand, if I go down to Grandma's Cottage, it seems like it's the same every time I go. I did add a corner cupboard in there behind the green chair. It looks very good.

At the dump we found an exact brown match to the green chair we got at the dump on Thursday. No wait, it was Green at home and brown at the last year. The buttons and the decorations on the two chairs are identical. And so is the material type. I didn't realize it before, but the backs pull off rods.

While we were going for a walk in the woods, I stopped to watch a hawk. It was making a different sound it made a little upward note and then it dropped a half a note and took a long time like a scream until it was back up to where the first note was. I've looked it up  it looks like a swainson hawk which we don't have here, the book says.

We watched the children, which was fine at home.  The driving can be quite tedious.

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