Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday morning pages

I'm sitting beside the trampoline.

It's nice to have a trampoline with a nice screen around it to keep the children safe. Maya has been jumping and I have been sitting here watching over her.

Mommy had a doctor's appointment, so I'm taking care of them for the morning. They have each been jumping on the trampoline and are having a enjoyable time. Desmond put his hair gel in his hair, so much that it is dripping on his face. Sweet little guy.

I think I'm burned out. I think that watching the kids for a whole week and then Mary Jane coming and then Abe coming and then the family all coming for the Gathering yesterday, has really taken a toll on me.

My just went into the house, so I suppose I should follow them in. Maybe I'll pretend that everything is fine until I hear screaming. It doesn't usually take long to hear screaming. Because whatever Desmond has Maya wants.

Elida has a digital camera for Jasmine to use, but we can't find a cord that works. It's one of those little tiny Android type ends on The Wire.

It's nice to see my daylilies out here got a bit of water yesterday. I need to transplant them down to the moat, to the marsh Woods garden bed.

Oh yes, in the midst of all of that chaos, I stayed up cleaning one night. You can't really tell I did it, but it was looking really awesome. The furniture I rearranged is still in that place.

So this phone of Ben's, this Samsung S7, is now saving photos and videos onto the main hard drive. When I use the card, I couldn't upload them into my livejournal comment because the livejournal wouldn't accept them. It couldn't find the memory card.

It was so nice yesterday to have everyone here. Mary Jane Ben and Zane, we're here. Along with Scarlett and bow, Elida Jean Desmond and Maya, and Abe.

Ben complimented Abe, and I said that he was all grown up and had his own apartment now. It really made a difference to him and he was very happy all evening while the party was going on.

I am so blessed to have Alida and her family living here. It's really been a wonderful time. I hope it continues for quite a while.

I guess I better go in and find out what's happening inside. But, mommy sleeps with them in the room watching television and playing, they are fine until someone makes a lot of noise Rises to the occasion to rectify the situation.

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