Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday mdday

I couldn’t really take good care of the children today, so Willem stepped in to help me.

I am in my studio where I can’t get upset with anybody.

Let me back up. Maye was on the trampoline, then Desmond got on. He went around the outside bouncing and she sat in the centre playing popcorn. They don’t know that’s playing popcorn, yet, I hope.

I didn’t want to on, and neither of them would get off. So after much a tamps, I asked Willem to go help me. So right away they were off the trampoline.

Later does he was around me and I told him I wasn’t going to play with him because he doesn’t listen to me. I’m just not gonna listen to him while he is talking. So he said cheerfully, he’ll follow me around on the deck.

He just didn’t get it. I was really put out inside. Anyway, Willem watched over them and let me disappear.

I’ve been in my studio setting up the bookshelves and putting the flooring pieces on for trays to hold the line of pottery.

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