Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Blessed but trapped by rain

For months we have been very low on rain, or had negligible amount.

The moat is less than half as deep as it was originally, I think. All the water is low. So today it rained.

It was a very humid day from the time we woke up and as the temperature rose, the humidity became more and more pressing.

It rained a bit during the day, i’m not sure how much we got, but perhaps an inch or so or maybe less. So it’s a great blessing we finally have rain all week.

So well we needed this rain so badly, the humidity is so high with the rain that I am forced to be inside. Inside is not that great either, the floors are all sticky from the humidity, and the air is stifling in the house.

Hanging out in my studio was wonderful, as it was quite cool and I could escapeFrom the rain in there and be cool at the same time.

Willem and I went for a ride, as being in the air-conditioned car was the best option I could find. He had to do some errands, so I went along.

I bought some gluten-free stuff at The health food store. I also bought a bit to hold that board on to the tree.

It was so nice just to hang out with Willem. We haven’t spent much time together for a while as I’ve been watching children or he’s been watching them and I was hanging out with Mary Jane Marci was here to relax.

When we got back I figured out a way to hook up the air conditioner in our bedroom. What a great idea!

We hung out in there watching television, which he also brought in from the very sultry family room.

It’s nice to have it on in there, then if I watch something that is not a good example to the children, like investigation shows, then the children won’t be hearing it. I like my murder mystery‘s.

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