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I spent some time on my laptop with Pinterest when I got up.

I found some very cool pallet ideas.

Maya came down for breakfast around 8.   I gave her her bowl of yogurt from the fridge.

I puttered about a little bit and trimmed off the rose stems.

I had a physiotherapy appointment for 9:30, so I drove a little early and spend some time in the pretty Woods I like so much, taking photos of the rain falling on the puddles.

Philly, my physiotherapist uses several things an my knees, ultrasound, laser, and this thing she straps into my knees.

After physio, on the way home I sat in the woods and got out for a walk, as it wasn't raining any longer.

I stopped by a set of cottages on the nearby lake to see if any brushes had washed ashore on that lake. They hadn't, but there was a lovely view of the lake in the rain

I got home about noon and made some lentils with sauteed garlic and onion flakes. I also added Millet.   which was really good. It tasted nice, but was a bit watery as I'd added some when the millet wasn't done and the water was almost run out.

I spent a little time in the studio, and took some photos of where the roof is leaking. I think it should be quite easy to fix. But I'm not quite sure yet. Not until I get up and look the top side.

I took my time driving in Ottowa to my pain management appointment at the secret Center. I was 5 minutes late getting there, he has this questionnaire which is very confusing. The injections he gives me don't work at all. But today, he gave me injections in the pressure points, and I think it did work. You also gave it to me in the pressure points of my knees.

Dr. Nahas has been accused of improper touching, so he is not allowed to do the injections, the nerve blockers. It's horrible how people can accuse a man, and ruin their life. Kicks them out of their practice.

Afterwards I went over to Ben's. He wasn't home when I got there, so I waited for him for just a few minutes. Zane was happy to see us.

It was time for him to go to swimming, so I went with them over there.

It was really nice to watch him cold saying and swim him Brown the pool, letting them kick his legs, and letting him get used to being in the water with the life jacket on. He was doing quite well when I saw him. It's good been is there, because this way Zayn gets one on one and doesn't waste a lot of time waiting for his turn.

Afterwards, we went to Costco. I was able to return the soy milk beverage, having thought it was just soy milk. I bought some frozen things, and was quite happy with my purchases.

Afterwards, we went to the shawarma place. I can't believe how big the servings are! There was a lot of roasted potatoes, freshly roasted chicken, salad, and hummus. I loved that they gave you so much hummus with it!

We went back to his house to eat it. I saved half for Willem. It was nice to see Tas. She's such an awesome mom! She spend so much time with Zaneplaying with him. I guess when you only have one that's easier to do.

I headed out just before dark, after 8 sometime. I had a nice ride home, and when I got there, the children were all in bed asleep.

I watch the update on the volcano, u.s. military news is the best, I think. Or the USGS. There are so many videos with pirated parts from other videos. It's hard to tell what is what and who did what. Or even what is new.

I fell asleep watching it, so that was the end of my day! It was a very rainy humid day all day.

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