Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thurs midday

Maye came out to the car while I was out there trying to pull the trailer towards the car, and asked to get in.

So I put her in her car seat so that I could back up the car to the trailer and hook it to the car without running over her.

After I hooked it up, I messaged mommy that I had her. Mommy had worked late so she was still sleeping and didn’t notice that I had taken her

the children had escaped and had been into the fridge. I’d given them both some cheese curds.

I drove to town and found pallets, some not so great and some rather perfect. Several good enough for using for climbing on a play structure.

I got gas and we headed home. Maia had been asleep since soon after we had left the house, so had slept for probably an hour by the time we got home.

She was still quite sleepy in the car seat, but I brought her inside because it was too hot to stay up there in the sun.

I went back outside and moved the pallets on the trailer down to the Parking lot in front of sumac Hill Teepee.

I have to look up the ideas I had from Pinterest to remember what I am going to use them for. I save two for a play structure climber. I think I will have to send them down so they are safe for the children to climb on, so they won’t get splinters in their hands or feet.

I’m ready now to go to the lake and look for Bulrushes that have washed ashore. I bet there will be quite a lot! We had about 3 inches of rain, I think. According to what is in the wheelbarrow on the deck.

I stopped by Scarletts on the way to the lake and was invited to lunch. Scarlett is a good cook. She made eggs with tomatoes. She put in herbs but I find that I can't taste very well anymore. It's always lovely to spend time with my daughter.

I had been heading to the lake, but as it was now after 3 p.m., I went home first.

I watched the update on the Hawaiian volcano, where a river of lava is Flowing out of Fissure number 8. I can't imagine living where cracks open up and lava comes out. It sounds pretty much like a mine field.

I went over to the lake, and search for bulrushes, before they got cleaned out. I was given a set of chairs that are broken in the center of the back, and agreed to come back and get them later.

I sat in my lawn chair on second Beach, and watch the water and the calm Hills in the distance. It was very pleasant there. I sat and read my scriptures. Two men came to the beach, so I finished Gathering up the rushes and headed home.

William sat with me outside and relaxed. I always love it when he spends time with me like that. We went together later to sit at the beach. That was very nice. Actually, we went to the dump, and then met near The Sawmill where we were too late to get any sawdust.

We picked up the broken chairs from the man who wanted to get rid of them, he donated them to the teepee for the teddy bears.

We stopped and 7 second beach in those chairs, which turned out to be very comfortable and did not post any problem. So I left them on the beach after looking in vain for a marker to mark them with, second Beach. It would sure be nice to have chairs when I go there. That saves a lot of trouble. But if the chairs are not labeled, they appear to be privately owned, and beachgoers tend to shy away from using them. There. Therefore, they just take up room on the beach.

We came home and hung out for a while doing our own things on our own laptops. I haven't set and used my laptop Bunch for a long time. I forgot that I had that option.

Invited me to go to town with him, so I did. It was a nice drive and it was relaxing just to wait in the car. When we got home I just went straight to bed as it was after 9.

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