Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Having a lovely Drive

We are taking a different route home, so the scenery is all different. I like the terrain, it's not flat like it is on the 401. I like the variety of trees. Some very huge Pines but look kind of like Scotch Pines.

It's a busy weekend in Ontario, I guess. The gas prices at maryjane was about a dollar $1.33/ltr.  I have no idea what that is in gallons.

When we stopped at Port bolster earlier, at the foot of Lake Simcoe, there was a beautiful boat ramp. It was quite steep, I'm not sure how anybody could actually use it for a boat ramp, and it was quite you wrote it, too.

But it was so pretty from there. The water was clear and the lake Bottom was covered with large flat stones. Large as compared to gravel.

I love visiting with Mary Jane. It's really good to have a best friend. It's really helpful because you can sort of invest all of your thoughts in one person.

She's also been through many things that I've been through. Having both raised five children, not always an easy job, we know the same things each other has been through. And can really relate. We stopped the Georgina Center in. That was very nice. There was a painting that fit me to a tee. Maybe I should paint one. Anyway, there was a large shade tree, on a sunny day with puffy white clouds going by behind the tree and under the tree was an Adirondack chair, a wooden one like I made. In the chair was a hot, like some of the hats I wear. It really did look like my chair, Willamette said. Interesting.

It feels very wild here. I think we are near Balsam Lake. Just the name, Balsam Lake, is so pretty. I would like to go down there and see the lake sometime. I don't know if I already did that. I may have.

Most of Ontario's Farmland is in Southern Ontario. Around Toronto and Parts North, are so many farms. It's nice to see the old farm houses. I had a friend once that lived in a house like I had such bad memory

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