Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I have been trying to clean up the deck. I didn't like the arrangement of the chairs on the Shady deck, so I took everything off and then brought some back on. There's still a lot of deer and bird food dirt, along with tree dirt, caterpillar dirt which is in the grooves between the boards. It is all soaked in there, so as I get it out, I'm glad that the deck will be able to dry. I don't think I should have too much stuff out here, because it creates shade.

William is emptying out the hobbit hole for me. It is full in there, but I think that much of what is in there I don't need. At least much of the stuff that takes up tons of room.

There's a lot of new materials, like electricity stuff and door and a window, I think. Anyway, those are going to go over to help build the new house for Lida and her family.

So the driveway is filling up! I'm so glad that William is helping me like this. He's so good to me. It's hard work to pull those bins out, and the other things, since he is too tall for that space.

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