Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018

I had a lovely day today.

It started early, as I had a physio appointment at 7. It was a beautiful drive. On the way, I realized it was going to rain all day. It was not raining, and it was a good opportunity to get some exercise, so I pulled over and went for a walk up the shoulder and back down to the car three or four times.

I felt so healthy, so energetic. It was so easy to walk. I couldn't believe how easy it was! I drove some more, and then when I got to the parking lot, I was still quite early, so I went for another walk, this time of the shoulder and back across from the buildingand a bit more.

I learned about the treatments that Philly gives me at physio. It was very interesting to find out that these three items are extremely beneficial.

After those are finished, she does the ultrasound on the first leg, and the array on the other knee. This all happens for 10 minutes each, in succession. When those are done, she uses the laser probe on the first leg. She could probably have the tens going on the other leg well she did this on that Lake.

willing was going to town to help Eleanor move, only I didn't know who it was that was moving. They are three people all moving this week. To of them today, I believe.

I wanted to be helpful in some way, but I was too late with the trailer, the Vans were full already. They took it over to Eleanor is, & I followed. I found the way to help. I realize that there was no way she could do any of this unpacking herself, not the big items. So I stayed and spent the morning helping her get organized. I wanted to make sure she had clean bedding and could go to bed when she was tired, so getting the bed ready was important to me. It happened to be the last thing I did, to.

It took me forever to get home, there was a lift bridge that created a 20 minute delay in my getting to Subway for a salad and some water.

On the way home from there, I stopped beside the river where there is a pull off and on. I brought out all my things I wanted to do, my journal, my scriptures, my violin, the chair and my camera.

I spent quite a while playing the violin. Heavy traffic mood beside me, so I didn't think I was disturbing anybody by my noise. I felt quite free because I was down doubt. So I wondered back and forth alongside the lake and played lots of the old songs my grandfather used to play.

It was a very nice time. I should play my violin more often.

I came home and the rain started. It was a huge downfall. I sat in the woodshed with my feet on the logs looking out the slats at the Green leaves up on which the rain was pelting.

The humidity has risen, but it feels very nice to breathe damn pair. I'm not working hard so its not making me sweat or anything. I watch the volcano update for a while, then came down to the Low land.

I've been sitting by the upper pond, iceberg pond. When I arrived, a blue heron took off, a huge bird so close by, taking up the air space over so much of the pond. Made the pond quite small.

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