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Physiotherapy lesson

Bio flex: laser array

Causes cellular generation, scar reduction, resolves inflammation response, leading to accelerated healing; reduces pain and Edema, restores normal range of motion, stimulates arterial perfusion, heals chronic.

Dermatologist will it use in the office for eczema.

Now she’s doing ultrasound which increases blood flow to an area.

Heat versus ice look up. Rice versus METH or them

the pro laser probe from bio flex

Tuesday and Liza superluminous and laser diode‘s irradiate disease or traumatized photons these particles of energy yourself selectively observed by the cell membrane and intercellular molecules resulting in the illumination of a cascade of complex physiological reactions leading to the restoration of normal cell structure and function it’s pretty amazing that they can do stuff like this, that they have a machine that can

The process is curative and therefore results in the illuminating nation of symptoms including pain in addition to Hanses the body‘s immune response and facilitates natural feeling no adverse effects of been experience in the kidding that the therapy is completely safe

So laser therapy is highly effective in the treatment of multiple muscular musculoskeletal conditions arthritis sports injuries weren’t healing in a wide range of dermatological conditions BIOflex therapy systems are currently being used in over 50 countries by broad spectrum health care blah blah blah but what if you put it in the wrong place if you had a black cat or if you had cancer

The laser array the laser probe and the ultrasound well it’s working you know because I was able to walk for 10 minutes twice!

I felt really good. I did not have any problems with the weather the pressure changes that come when it rains. people really feel it in there in the joints.

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