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A wonderful day Monday

It's been such a lovely day today. It got very hot, I think. It was supposed to get up to 30 something with a humidex of 40. However, it sure doesn't feel hot to me. It's a wonderful warm day. And I don't feel it's humid either.

Before anyone woke up, I had already moved all the Christmas trees on the edge of Sunrise Hillside. I thought they could go down just a little bit from where they were, creating a larger area.

This morning the children were home and I played with them as I shoveled the dirt and sand away from the deck to level in the area where we can sit or have a garden.

It was always such a terrible spot. The septic grey water went under there. It was in a big Barrel in a hole and the whole was never filled up to cover it. So we had a bridge across it. Anyway, the grey water now just goes into the regular septic, and the whole has dried up and grass covers it along with all the rest of the weedy stuff in the area.

But it's getting better!

I love hanging out with these two little grandchildren. They just brighten my day. They are so innocent and sweet. It's interesting to watch them find their way through or flyff. Navigating the do's and don'ts and the I want some don't want, trying to reconcile them to have some semblance of Peace in the family.

This afternoon everyone went away so I went with Ankaret to the lake. There were some nice bulrushes, or maybe they are called Soft rushes. Anyway, they're beautiful and round and tall and green, but these were not nearly as tall as what we found later. I clipped the long-handled foot Clipper, and anchor it sorted and gathered them all into bundles. We had four bundles of four or five foot ones, or six, perhaps.

Anyway, I looked out over the patch that was way out in the lake, and thought perhaps we could walk to it if it wasn't going to be that deep. We were quite a ways from sure as it was, but the water was only to our knees.

So Anchor It agreed, and away we went. There were waves coming towards us, so we just turned our backs to them and pushed ourselves out through the water. We have been walking, but the broken bottoms of the Russia's that had grown there previously, or some other plant, made it difficult to walk. I was glad when it hit me that we could swim backwards towards the patch of tall bulrushes. Or soft rashes.

It was so easy to gather them. It was really nice to be able to just clip with my clippers, and have them rise to the surface, having been neatly cut at the ground level.

There were no deadstox among these. It was a very clean patch to work in. The water was about waist-deep, about 6 in deeper than the length of my clippers. It was fun to see that they would remain upright in the water with those orange handles easy to spot through the translucent water.

As soon as they are snipped at the bottom, they float. It's really neat to see them rise up and lay on the water's surface, leaving the ones that didn't get clipped standing vertical still. That sure makes it easy to see if I need to make another clip on any of the rushes in that spot.

They Grow in little clumps. They're pretty clean when there is a meter of space between each plant, whereas, when the Klumps are near each other, there appear to be more dead stocks amongst them.

It's interesting to see how all of this works. So as Anchor It bundled and I clipped, we made great progress, harvesting as much of the Paul stuff as we had of the short stuff.

We piled them on to each other and sale them 2 the shore. We discovered clams sticking up sideways in the water in the sand, so gather them into our hats. It was fun balancing them on the reads as we floated them back to shore.

Anchor it and I had so much fun! She laughed and laughed. She was so pleased that someone would come out and do this sort of stuff with her. She said nobody else would. I'm not sure if that's true, but I sure like harvesting basketry materials.

She thought it was so much fun when we found these clams. We couldn't figure out why nobody eats clams here. They eat them in the South. I can't imagine that the water they get them out of in the south is cleaner than this water!

This water is drinkable.

We figured out that it would take 22 rushes to make one belt of weaving for our Rush mats. If it is going to be the lengths that you get from these long rushes, Square, that would probably mean we would have to have 12 of these wide belts.

That meant, that I needed to be able to figure out and see how much we actually had. I counted out 22, and realize that that was just a big handful of Russia's. So I took handfuls all through each bundle and sound we had 16 handfuls of the long Russia's . So,

I was glad I had the trailer, so I could just drive right to the beach and we could easily put them in. It was a bit difficult to carry them, there were so many. Anchor it was quite thrilled.

I  think that we didn't get enough to do more than two rugs. Perhaps that will be enough, but the water was so warm, like Acapulco, and the rushes are so tall and ready to harvest, that I'm just wanting to go back and harvest again. I think I will do that tomorrow. I hope I can do that. Perhaps I can go in the early morning when I have lots of energy. I'll have to see what's on my schedule.

It's always so nice to come home and be greeted by these little children who come running out to meet me when I drive in! They are so sweet. Desmond has been having some meltdowns about little things, so I think he is probably ready for sleeping soon.

Maya didn't eat her tacos for dinner, instead she came outside on the deck and shared my frozen peas with me. I hadn't realized that she hadn't finished her dinner.

Willem is down swimming in the moat, and then going back to cut off more thistle plants along the moat and on the island and in his old Garden parking lot.

I think I'd like to watch television. But it's so nice sitting out here with this beautiful dry Breeze and watching these yellow flowers way, and the clouds move and the trees wave in the Wind. The wind is picking up actually

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