Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday: rushes clippers

After playing with the children in the morning until they went to have their naps, I headed out to find a replacement for my long handled grass shears that I use to cut Bulrushes In The lake.

I went to home har dware, Canadian tire, Home Depot, and finally Leavalley tools. The ones I found were better than my others, as they are solid metal.

It was 4 o’clock by the time I returned home with them. I hung out for a little while with the children, and then at five I had it down to the lake where I cut rushes until eight and the low sun.

I swam out to the distant rushes towering out above the water. They tower about as much as any other place, but this was up to my chest, so I was able to harvest very long brushes.

I love these clippers. They even have a roller on the bottom so you can move it along clipping as you go.

I love how you can clip the bottom of the rushes and they will all rise up and float on the surface. So I went deep into the stand, cut rushes and then when they floated up to the surface, I let them accumulate, and then push them all together down stream sorting them up levelling there ends up, and separating out the ones that we’re heading in the wrong direction, thereby making two groups. When in some of the other.

If I did it that way, with them all floating on the surface in a group, I could run my fingers between them near the bottoms, and push that The sea weed out of the way.

The sky was beautiful. Who is baby blue and some white and the sun came out at some point, and little puffy white clouds appeared, but light colored, delicate ones.

I bundled the rushes into boats. Ankaret showed me that you take very thin dried weeds, the brown ones, and of course they’re wet when they’re floating in the water, and you can use them by bending them in half and then wrapping them around the boat of brushes, and twisting it like it was tight before pushing it through the rushes into the opening your other hand is made from the bottom.

I discovered that I could push the boat of rushes down stream enough that the next rushes Bend. It’s very easy then to just stand and clip them all let them float to the surface and turn them so the bats are even with the other boats. I could do that for a while very well. It was a great way to not only get them downstream, but also this way I could easily see which brushes I needed to take.

There was a fly that kept attacking my back. It was rather annoying. So I would stoop down in the water and cover my back.

By the time I had five large bundles, maybe not all of them are large. Maybe there were four four bundles.

I swim them down stream, using them all together as one big boat and laid my clippers and had on them. It was nice to just lean on them, draping my forearms over them and and walk along in the shallow water, while I lay in it. Did that make any sense?

I back the trailer up to the boat ramp where I unloaded all the small boats of weeds on to what looked like a long pallet for boat launching. I had a Bandan my huge boat to swim across to the reeds on the other side of the river. However, even though they now extend out to the centre of the river, they were much shorter, as the water was not very deep at all.

I brought the reeds home in the trailer and then drove down to the parking lot on fiddlehead laying by the pond. I had some I am in a class laying around, so I spread them out and unloaded the rushes onto them.

It’s too bad to break apart those nice ties that I made to hold the boat goes. I spread the rushes out on the Albany cloth and figured that even if they get the do on them tonight, they would still be drier than when they were in the water. I will cover them if it rains.

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