Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Visiting with Maya

After my physio appointment at 8, I came back and picked up Willem and Maya and put one car seat in the blue car, and  went to Ottawa.

She played so well with her cousin Patty. It have been his birthday on the weekend so we brought a birthday present for him and because we hadn't seen Nathan since he was born, we also gave him a happy birthday of being on the earth present.

They had a very nice time sharing the new toy. That would never happen with her and Desmond as Desmond has to have it all to himself, or Amaya does. But they were both sharing the little people putting them into the ark where they would fall down a hole and come out the door. A paragraph they had a trampoline that had handlebars on it. My it loved it! She jumped on it all the time for the on to the handlebars.

Afterwards, we went over to check on the cats. Maya played with Zane's toys well well we relaxed from our busy morning. We had some lunch, the avocados that are going to go bad, some wilting tomatoes, and the dollop of Tas is amazing hummus.

Once both cats and come back and we're inside, we left.

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