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In July I discovered that if I walked along the lake at the three beaches, I could gather some rushes that had been washed ashore. I checked right after the rain, when it was too chilly to go in the water at home, I had sat at the lake to enjoy the sunshine. That's when I had the problem of where to put them! So I filled up the front seat of the car with them. I was amazed at how many I had gotten.

On Monday, August 6th, Ankara and I spent the afternoon in the lake Gathering rushes. We Gathered short ones and then went further out in the lake and gathered long ones.

By tying them into bundles, we made boats out of them, tying bunches together, and then floated them back to shore and loaded them on the trailer. We took all of those to Ankaret's where we spread them out on tarps.

I had to search for new Clippers the next day, as they were broken. So at about five on Tuesday, after having gone to Ottawa and many places in between, I ought a pair of long handled grass shears, then went alone to the lake.

I ignored the nearby rushes, and swam, walked, crawled thru the shallow water until I made it to the rushes that are so tall, growing in chest high water.
I cut them at the ground level, beginning in the middle of the stand, and let them catch on the standing rushes and accumulate. When I would cut them they would Bob up to the surface and I would turn the ends so they were all going the same direction. It was so simple.

After a while, I stood in front of my floating, chest High collection, and sorted them so that I created two piles, one with the butts to the left and the other with the butts to the right, just behind the first punch.

I was amazed how many rushes I had. It was twice as much as I got with anchor at the other day. I took them home and laid them out on that nylon fabric that we have a pile of down there by the pond.

I covered them up last night as they were starting to dry in the sun yesterday and it was threatening rain.

We had a heavy do. I line up all the pallets beside the teepee at the end of the pond, fiddlehead TV, and spread them out on the pallets. It took two pallets 2 support them. They are so long. We covered them with the huge tarp that used to go over the storage tunnel.

This morning there was a lot of dew on the tarp. I pulled the tarp back, and put plastic chairs down the center of the two rows with pallets. The tarp still laid on the rushes, and appeared that it would cause them to get moldy.

I checked the weather, which I should have done earlier, and found that it's going to be sunny for a few days. So I pulled the tarp completely off to let them dry in the Sun.

They were looking very dry yesterday, a few of them in the piles. They couldn't really be spread out thinly enough on the fabric.

I was glad that we went together to ankaret and put them on her tarps the other day, so I could see her drying process. She had hers laying in the Sun and plan to cover them at night or before any rain. And I guess turn them a bit during the day.

I plan to make a rush mat out of these rushes. I think it's going to be quite awesome. I could make one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen, places where it gets wet. The rushes was soak up the moisture. Of course, I hope that doesn't make them rot. Actually, I think I would like a large Rush mat for the Pottery Studio.

I like making those wall decorations, the mats, especially the braids, they look so nice. I would also like to bake caning for the chairs. I have a wooden chair outside which I've been planning on making a seat for. There's no room for the chair in the house, though. So, I think using Russia's on it might not be the best idea.

I was also thinking of using Russia's on an aluminum chair, to see how nicely that works out. You can always see round Rush placemats. Those are quite sick. I think it would also be nice to do some coiling with Russia's.

My plan is to bring about 20 to Russia's at a time, and weave belts out of them. They would be about 4 in wide, and I would be able to later so those belts together to make the rug. Or the mat. Anchor it is making one that's about 5 feet square. I really like this idea.

I love that I am still learning. There is so much I don't know yet. I think that spending time with anchoret is such an excellent use of time!

I saw on Pinterest, a woman weaving a mat with several hundred rushes. They were all hanging from a string across the room. Now that would be interested, but it's quite hard to work with the brushes if they are too long, because you have to put your arms up in the air for stand for a long time, if it's at a fixed location.

Anchor it had them attached to a pole in the studio, and had a rope going up and over a hook and down to the rushes where she was raving them. If you stand and weave them they don't get tangled, but if you're sitting and we will.

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