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New staircases and grands

183.0 lbs this morning! My lowest yet!

I got some exercise this morning walking around the deck and picking up toys and juice boxes and clothes and hats.

. I walked around the deck last night in the dark, but it was kind of an obstacle course so it took me a few laps before I had moved everything out of the way so I could really walk properly. I was amazed at how well I was walking, and how fast I could go. Yesterday, Desmond chased me and I ran! That was really cool.

The children were already up before the sun really Rose. I was quite surprised to hear Mommy and the children in the kitchen when I woke up. I'm usually first!
The monarch butterfly hatched! Or it emerged from its chrysalis. Yesterday it was black, and today it has come out shortly before Alida called me.

They had just looked at it not long before, and seeing how black it was with orange lines in it. But now, well none of us were looking, it had completely crawled out of its chrysalis and its wings had expanded to full size. It hung there and dried for several hours.

I used that time to work on the steps on both sides of the staircase to the teepee. I finished one set! I found boards in the flowers teepee at the bottom of the staircase and use them to make 12in wide steps. I moved the stringers farther apart, and put the boards on. It looks really good now Desmond helped me hold the two-by-four so that I could screw in the railing on the big staircase. Together we put on several pieces.

I used the new batteries for the drill, and each only had a little charge, so it wasn't long before we had to stop.

I use the skill saw and cut the railing off flush with the rails on either side of the new staircase. It's lovely! I am so glad that we can now walk down that staircase and go to the flowers and the chairs I've put there on the Shady Side of the spruce trees.

I played around with the short steps on the other side of the flowers staircase, and find I need to use a 2 by 6 to make the treads. It is a short staircase, only 3 Treads needed.

I don't think I have any more boards that are that long in the teepee. I will have to go buy a board, I think.
Alida is practicing her songs this morning, so I have been keeping the children busy. They played in the pool for quite a while, then they played on the trampoline in the altogether,  and then they came inside.  I was cooking on the stove, some  pigeon peas with lentils , onions, carrots, garam masala, cumin, and coriander.

Desmond  watch the timer counting down from 7 minutes.  It was great how well he was counting along with the clock.  He did it for several minutes, even.

I got them dressed while he stood counting, and didn't really notice that he was putting clothes on his body, which he usually doesn't like to do.

They headed out to the trampoline again, and practiced doing somersaults. Desmond is very fast at that.

When they wanted to get down, I asked them if they like to play with clay in my studio. They both headed down there right away.

Does he made a very nice video, Desmond today signing out. He taught how to cut the clay. And then we played with the clay on the Wheel.

Maya left and came to the play structure in the valley and played in the little boat house which I had pulled close to the play structure this morning.

Desmond was pretty freaked out when his hands were covered with Clay, so I taught him how to rinse his hands in the bucket of water. He was quite surprised that my hands came out clean!

They went upstairs and played with Mommy. Maya came back down and wanted to swing on the swing and play in her Boat House. After a while, she wanted Mommy to come and put her into the swing and push her. She was okay with me picking her up and holding her, but she didn't want me to put her in the swing, that was mommy's job.

As it's nap time, I'm contemplating heading out to cut some tussock sedge grass, or some pampas grass, which is actually called phragmites. The sedge grass will be for coiling baskets, while the phragmites will be for thatching a little shelter.

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