Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
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We were at the temple by 8, or 7:30 even. We both worked a shift, I loved where I was put, I love working with the sisters. I love feeling the love of God in the temple. I such a wonderful place. It's so peaceful.

There were three weddings each with over 25 visitors our guests. That's why they needed extra people and asked us to help.

One of my assignments was as greeter. I like to stand out the front door and welcome people to the temple, and say goodbye to those who are leaving. Sometimes I see people I know. That's always quite nice if they're my friends.

We came home after our shift was done, and actually left the temple around 1. We drove to Ottawa and took care of Ben and Tess's cats. Fluffy and Baxter, I think.

That was the third time we have taken care of them while they've been gone. I wanted to be sure that they were fine and have enough food and water. They get 
kind of picky after their food has sat out for a day. They like it to be stirred! That's strange, eh?

William took a nap when we were there, and I sat out on the deck and read my book about gluten and wheat, the Wheat Belly Cookbook.

I'm so glad I'm off to eat. But I think there was some

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