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I finished 4 key points on the deck railings.


I went down to the highway berm and looked for and chose and put in the trailer and brought up up the house to use for the railings to get down to the studio, cedar boughs with branches..

I laid them out on the lane then tried to assemble them at the steps.  However they were all not good for what I was trying up do.

So instead, I sought in the studio for a while and worked on the rush rug that I making. I have it hanging over the top of the Rafter so it hangs in front of me, and I can raise and lower it as I’d like.

It occurred to me that I lied or might be able to use some of these branches to create shade up on the balcony upstairs.

We moved the trees that are already screwed onto the railing up there, so that they create shade in the corner. Then we brought up the Willow that I’ve harvested in the spring, the ones with all the branches, and she use them to weave walls and a roof over the corner.



e’s going to use the new dried rushes for decorating the walls, and for solidifying the roof enough that the sun doesn’t get through.

I worked on The Jack. There were parts that are we’re not finished, the end of the long section between the Hemlock saplings and the deck. Also on the other side of the ramp, at the end there. I was so pleased to be able to get these parts done while the children were with, but without interrupting them or ignoring them.

I also finished the two sets of steps from the flowers stare case. I was quite surprised when I found 2 x 8 x 8 under the pile of wood. I cut it in thirds and use that for this tread’s. I finished up the railing on the oyster mushrooms side. I still have to do one top board between those stairs and the TP. On the other side, I put the railing up Brighton and have a 2 x 4 connecting them, but not yet the 2 x 6 on top.

I can’t believe how much all that wore me out. It was really hard to keep going. The children played with me in the studio for a little while. I let them cut chunks of clay into pieces using the wire. Does and trim the bottom of his bowl, and the inside, and the upper edge, while sitting in my lap and my hands on his hands.

The route jersey on the bottom in 2018. I think it’s pretty cool that at four years old he can learn how to do things like this. Of course, it’s still way above his head.

I went through the boards that are in the TP, the flowers to be in the pronounce of garden. There are a lot of end pieces from all the deck building and construction. I’m surprise there are so few actually, since we had so much crap over the last few years.

I found pieces in there that I needed to finish up the railings.

What I was really pleased with, was later in the afternoon I went down to the highway berm and in where I sat in the alders beside the Cedars.

It was so nice and shady in there, and so much cooler after having sat on the upstairs balcony watching a lighter with her shade blind.

I selected some very long red Pine trunks. They’re skinny, so the make good railings. I looked them out and onto the trailer. I discovered that I can make a U-turn right at that spot, if I turn the wheel all the way before I start driving. That was helpful.

Willem helped me with the railing. He held the French and I hope the Midland Desmond home help the back as we carried it from the trailer to theStairs to the studio. I’m glad that I had found those three very tall cedar posts yesterday. Willem had to help hold them for me while I dug out the holes deeper, having to use my hands, since the post hole digger didn’t hold the sand. It’s interesting to live on a hill of sand.

Ice put the railing slower than I would normally, because Mariah can’t reach up and hold the railings at the right height.

I’ll find some more poles and put them up higher. I clipped off all the little branches that were on there, but I think I’ll need to use a sander to really get them cleaned off properly. I probably should not have screwed them on before sending them. I can always unscrew them though.

Renee Laura commented on my video, that now that she had watched my video she was happy and ready for the day. What an amazing thing. Imagine, being the source of someone’s happiness on a daily basis. It would be better for people to find their own happiness, or generate it, but at least I am serving a important purpose.

After building the steps down to the oyster mushroom. I sat in the shade in one of those chairs there. There are a lot of Cedar routes that have been exposed by scraping the sand out. I’ve lowered the level there, probably by 10 inches.

It’s going to be quite a nice little spot when I levelled it. I like the stairs there. Because I used 2 x 8 pieces of pressure-treated wood, it looks really nice and sturdy. I had to rig something so that they touched the staircase, because one side wasn’t high enough for the slope. It was either going to be too low or too high. I don’t think I can cut the side of the stringer there to give nicer access to the stairs without weakening it. Oh well.

Willem and I went down to the moat to swim, but when I got in it was quite cold on my legs. It had been so warm yesterday, like bathwater. I had no idea it could’ve changed so much considering it’s such a warm day. Actually, it was probably more humid than hot.

So instead of swimming, I walked around the mall while Willem swim. He walked a lot of the way checking on the garden on the island. There are several places where the soil has been under cut and now has fallen down from the island into the mode. The squash plants were right at the edge of the water, but the huge chunk fill-in. They are still above water, Which is probably a blessing because now they get a lot more moisture than they did if they were up high and dry just beside the water.

The jewel weed is in flower, and has expanded to a huge amount of the island edge. It is David with, the island that is, patches of purple loosestrife, little ones, bone set with this white flowers, Joe pie weed, and some lovely cat tails. They are lovely because they are so enormous and looks so beautiful.

I was in so much pain by the end of the day, I couldn’t even sit to watch television. My bed is the best place, or I can really stretch out. Walking around the mode was a good idea. I have been doing so much close work, all that looking of lumber as a build those railing ends, and working on the steps in moving those branches this morning from the firm,A whole bunch of them, which I had hoped it would be nice for the studio railing, at least to go between the railing and the bottom, or perhaps even as decoration.

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