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180! Lbs
A sister from church needed a ride to Ottawa to go to two appointments, so I went to my physio at 8, where I received my four treatments of ultrasound, tens, Pro Laser probe, and the laser array.

I picked her up and we drove into Ottawa, correction, into Gatineau. The traffic on the 417 as well as on the 416 were horrendous! It was very fast and quite dangerous.

It would be nice to play with saying today at some point between or after these appointments, but I'm not sure how to work that. We are in Gatineau now, across from the mall which may have a dress I could wear that would fit me! However, on the list of priorities, is that high? I brought along my Rush rug I'm leaving, and could be working at while I wait right now.

Her appointment was only a few minutes long, so I walked around in the parking lot and then picked her up.

I saw been on my map, and realized he was also in Gatineau! So we got together and went to Subway for lunch.

I really love talking to Ben. He has so many interesting things to talk about. They had a great time on their Newfoundland holiday. It's great to get to go to these places. I'm so grateful I was a travel writer and I've been there!

I dropped the sister off at her to appointment, at 1:30, thinking perhaps I could go see Zane in the meantime. However, I think he's sleeping. They are going to go camping this weekend, so I think I will go and meet them there. That should be nice.

I stopped at the International Food Store, and bought corn tortillas, split pigeon peas which are called, I forget. I bought Toor Dal, noori dal, and chaan dal. Mung beans and matri beans, or something like that

I stopped in a neighborhood somewhere between Merivale and Woodruff bordered by Carling, and walked under the beautiful trees. They are so big and they we're so comforting. Not that I knew to be comforted, but the way they are chover and the feeling under the trees is just so nice. One of the trees was about to people or maybe 3 people's arms legs around it in a postage stamp front yard. It was quite interesting to see how high The Roots were compared to the ground. The entire area, probably five foot wide all the way around the tree, was much higher up than the rest of the yard.

The sidewalk was broken as was the road going in both directions from the tree. The sidewalk didn't have a chance, as those roots crew.

It was such a strength that I felt as I looked at that tree, with those humongous Roots which should push themselves up out of the soil. I think that's what the spruce do, which is why it's always so lumpy in a spruce Forest.

I stopped by the Seeker Center and bought some more of my vitamin B12 and magnesium tablets. You know, when I run out of magnesium, the very next day or thereabouts, my body starts to get pain in the muscles. It's quite interesting!

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