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It's been a long time since I have written in my journal.

I guess I should just go back and each day and talk about everything that happened that day. I did at least post something for each day. I have lots of photos from camping, which I will add. It's been a very busy week.e

Last Thursday I went into audible with Desmond so he could play with Zane. He got invited to go camping so on Friday morning we went camping. Saturday we were still camping. Sunday morning I came home.

Sunday we listen to the prophet. It was so awesome. It was such a sacred experience, hearing from his wife about what happens when he's receiving Revelation. She leaves the room. Sometimes he's Overjoyed with the experience he's just had. I've never seen a happier profit. He really is filled with joy and the love of God.

Monday I was in Ottawa all day with Desmond playing the same, taking them to the museum of Nature.

On Tuesday it rains all day. We got to inches of water in the tent overnight. I couldn't believe how drenched everything was.

So today, on Wednesday, I decided to do lots of laundry and to build a little roof, a spot where I can sit outside when it rains. It's such a lovely spot.

It's not done properly, so it will have to all be remeasurement and tweet, but at least the big job of wrapping the Tyvek around the boards and screwing them onto the uprights and onto the wall, is done. So if I just have to move a screw and a corner at a time, that's fine.

I also enough to cover the teepees. I'd also like to make a few little improvements, and give myself some place out of the rain on the Shady deck. There's a lot that can be done under this now.

I love being around the children. They are such Little Darlings. They are just so sweet!

The rain has really hurt the flowers. I guess it just feels them right up with water and then they droop over. If they droop for too long they won't come back up. I tried shaking some, but all the leaves just fell off, the yellow Petals of the ball flowers.

The clothesline fell down with the weight of the water on the laundry. I would like to move the pole. I don't know if that's possible, but I'd like to try. I think I could easily dig a hole deep enough in the sand. I have the postal digger I could use as well. I don't want to put it back up where it is, because it grows across the top of the play structure, and a lot of it is in the shade of the elm tree. I'd rather the laundry be out over the valley where the son can hit it all the time.

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