Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

178.8 lbs.

I am so thrilled with my weight loss! I never really expected this to happen. It takes such a lot of work to lose weight. But this time, cutting out wheat and all its varieties and forms, has taken away that appetite stimulant. That means now I don't have to fight against the desire to eat. What a wonderful thing to take away those cravings.

I always thought that my desire to eat was something that I had to overcome. I didn't realize that I was being artificially tricked into wanting to eat more. That it wasn't really me that wanted to eat, it was the darn appetite stimulants in the wheat. The opiate receptors Love Wheat!

It releases whatever into our system for us so that we feel just relaxed and wonderful. A real opium addiction. And we all are addicted! It's incredible, if you talk about giving up wheat to anybody, except the most interested in their help, they will give you a hundred reasons why you don't need to do that. They never say, "how about I take a week away from it. let me do that."

Nope, people never respond with that suggestion. We all know that we are addicted beyond our capacity to overcome. Everyone. Unbelievable.

Anyway, since I've gotten off wheat, I'm not have the desire to eat very much, and have been eating all forms of legumes, lentil like stuff. There are tons of varieties of them.

So when I hit 179.9 the other day, I was so thrilled. So I guess, I'll be in the 170s in August and September, and then in September and October, I should be in the 160s, and then in November the 150s. I think I'm supposed to weigh 145. We'll see.

I should try to measure myself! It's been years since I took measurements that were anything to look at!

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