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This morning I worked on my journal a bit.

I miss using my laptop. Are used to do a lot of things with my laptop that I don’t do with my phone.

The children woke up and I brought Jasmine downstairs with Maye stayed upstairs with mommy.

It didn’t work out the way I thought it would

I sat outside for a while under the new little shelter roof, and chatted with Lida. When she took the children upstairs, I went to town. I bought some spelt bread for William at the health food store, and also bought a brick of tofu. I, just wanted to watch TV.

I’ve had trouble with my phone for the whole winter and spring and summer.

The battery wouldn’t work, and it was always getting full, the camera was filling up.

Ben gave me a new phone from Sam son that he had just replaced. I tried to use it for the last month or so, but I just could not get used to using an android.

What I do with my phone are only three things. I use messenger to talk to people, I write in my journal and upload photographs to it, and I make videos and upload them to YouTube. I also just take pictures.

Sometimes I search the Internet, or even go to Facebook if I want to know something in particular, or read the feed on Twitter. There’s a lot of interesting news that shows up over there.

So the one thing that I use most on a phone is the camera. It works for my YouTube, for taking photos, and for using Photos from my journal and uploading to my journal. The Sam song phone’s camera stopped working. I could still take photos with Messenger, but not with the regular camera. So those were the things i use the phone for, which the is one doesn’t do for me.

Never could upload photos that I took with the phone onto five journal. That was a big disappointment. I journal a lot. It’s meditative for me. It helps me centre myself, see what I’m doing where my time is being spent

So when I got my new phone, she set it all up, and put my Sim card in it from a Samsung. When I got home, I helped will remove the Sim card over from the little Walmart phone, into bands Samsung. Now Willem has a good phone so he can use. He can also have it as a smart device on Wi-Fi.

This new iPhone will also work with Wi-Fi. I could never phone or receive phone calls from home, because we don’t have cell service here. However, we have Wi-Fi. So now with this new phone, I can make phone calls with Wi-Fi!

Also, for the same price as before, I now have 4 Gigs of data.

So I bought a new iphone! Cost me $10 a month for two years. Amazing! I’m so glad. I’m right I’m dictating into my LiveJournal but you can hear me even though there was a lot of background noise.

Willem dug a new hole and moved the clothesline post. I reconnected the wire. The clothes on it had gotten weighed down with the two inches of rain and it broke. That was Monday morning.

Three raccoons were inside while we were watching El Chapo. At least. It gets dark before I’ve.closed all the doors.

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