Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Life’s ripples

Once upon a time, I sat on top of the blue Mountains in Jamaica watching the sunrise.

I met a girl, Eleanor who is also on top of the mountain in the dark.

Bulky and I Had slept on the mountain. Anyway, she was from Tennessee. When I met her, she had never heard of or been to the farm. So I told her all about the farm. Later when she went home, she went to visit the farm, and lived there for 24 years. Her children live there.

And when I asked her at Ankaret‘s house she came in to be on the farm, she answered that she met a girl on a mountain in Jamaica name Nancy and she told her to go look it up. I couldn’t believe it as I was talking to her. She remembers. It’s part of her story for the farm.

She came and stayed with Billy and I, for two nights, she said. She was in our grass had searched high. She slept on the banana leaf mattress I made, I think.

She knew bully month. In my whole life, nobody outside of Jamaica has ever known but we are GMC on the hill

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