Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


Willem and I emptied the whole woodshed, as the new wood hasn’t come yet, it was only filled with stuff that need to be out of the rain.

Frank used a crowbar to put rollers underneath it after all the screws were either out or the sawsall had cut them free of the porch.

We are going to move it to the other side of the deck. However, that is an incredibly big piece of pile of wood if it were lumber in one stack. I think I might not have a realistic idea of how hard this will be to do.

Frank has come along‘s which he will bring Over later when he brings the wood. I unscrewed all the screws that were holding it onto the deck.

Willem thinks there’s a nail holding it as well. Some of those screws were stripped. Or I stripped them I guess. If the screw is in at an angle, it’s almost impossible to move it unless you’re aiming it at that perfect angle to.

I had to take bottom wall boards off to get to the screws in some places.

Frank came with his saws all and put his crowbar and a block of wood for a fulcrum and lifted all the way around to find where there were screws and nails still holding it on. I took out quite a few, probably 20 and yet they were still at least a dozen still in the bottom board.

They put wringer washer rollers under the front of the sides so we could simple roll it around to face the other direction. And it began to move!!It’s on the other side now! Facing the other direction!

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