Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I have been tidying up on treehouse deck, creating our little treehouse Living Room again, and sorting out where my happy place swing will need to go now.

This spider needs a name. Orange yellow striped, spotted spider. That’s me trying to take that spider photo from Brenda the web and the window.

iPhoned Cynthia and left three messages, one about the property across the road that it would be wonderful if she would buy, one about my dear brother who is not living very well, and one that lets her know she can call me on my mobile number anytime now that I have Wi-Fi at home I can use my phone! What a change.

I love sitting here in this treehouse living room. I’ve been looking at the loom and the warping frame and the snowblower would you need to I’ll be under shelter. At the moment they block the view. Not good. They will have to be moved somewhere where it doesn’t matter they are blocking the view.

But after tidying up, its much better.

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