Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday mistake

I thought that I had an appointment in Ottawa for 1245.

It was something about it it wasn’t quite right before hand, as I thought it had been September 28, but then at the clinic they said I had an appointment in a few days, which made me think I was grateful that they said they were I would’ve waited a whole month ago.

I think if I have prayed about my day before I went, I would’ve realize something was amiss.

When I’m about to do something, I can feel if it’s right or not. But this time, I just had a very confusing morning. Everything I did was confusing as I got ready to go. I didn’t recognize that as the still small voice show me that it was the right plan. I was on the wrong path for the day. Temporarily, not necessarily spiritually.

Anyway, I took the stuff I needed to take, or thought I needed to take, but then realized I had way too much stuff and I couldn’t leave it in the car where it would get too hot, so I had to take it all in with me.

I didn’t realize it was going up to 30 with the humidity that would put it at 43. You know, it didn’t feel that hot to me. Perhaps my skin just doesn’t feel temperature like it once did, but I felt quite content. I did blow the air conditioner on myself all the windows were open at some point, however.

So I got there, into Ottawa to the Riverside Hospital and up to the seventh floor with a very very full bladder. She looked me up found I was a month early and showed me where the washroom was.

I wanted to go over to my sons house and wish his wife my condolences in person after the loss of her sister. Not the loss, but the passing of her sister.

However, it was 1 o’clock and that would mean waiting until they were home from work in the evening. I didn’t want to use my whole day waiting, especially when she had a lot of errands to do in order to get ready to go home to her family.

So I came straight home to accomplish things there.

Yesterday I was so out of touch, out of tune with the forces in my life, that I went all the way to Ottawa for an appointment one month early! I have been so confused all morning before that, getting ready not sure what I should accomplish and taking things along for the journey in the day. I had brought things that should stay in the freezer, and had forgotten to bring the measuring cup to measure what I was drinking, for this euro gynecologistal visit.

But sitting here quietly by the pond amidst the cattails and discovering things like the dragonfly chrysalis wrapped around the cat to leave, has helped me to become centered again. To see what night I couldn’t hear yesterday, why I didn’t even phone ahead to find out. Anyway, it’s good to have moments of retrospection.

I need to follow the spirit, stay close and follow the promptings. I have to make sure that I don’t go down unauthorized paths, like make sure I build the next part of the deck appropriate to what I can afford into what will be best for the use in the future. It’s easy to make silly decisions on the moment. Just so easy to make very good decisions on the moment.

All of our decisions have long-term repercussions. They may be very good repercussions or may be not as good as it could’ve been.

Will them took apart the railing while I went to town. It has to be removed so that the woodshed can be pushed into the right spot and the railing can be used on the other side.

However, I would like to have some stairs that go down to my studio, I think.

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