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Nancy Today

Adventure with Desmond

I wanted to go for a walk, so invited Desmond to come with me.

We walked down the road where I explained about his walking to and from the bus stop every morning, and about the dangers of the stream.

We walked in Kingfisher Lane holding hands, he’s such a darling! We saw an empty snakeskin, that had all the markings of the garter snake on it.

He used my fujifilm camera to take photos.

We sat on the little dock overlooking fiddlehead pond. I had sat there earlier this morning, but when I had heard. Desmond, I went up and Invited him to come on and adventure with me.

I have learned that if I say let’s go to grandmas cottage, it’s not going to work. He’ll say no. But if I say let’s go for an adventure, and we end up at grandmas cottage, that’s just fine.

Well we sat on the dock overlooking the pond, we saw a frog’s leg and a little pile of mink poop beside it. I guess that’s how much the mink could eat before he got full, leaving a leg.

We went around to the camper, the gypsy cabin turned into grandma’s cottage. I put a blanket folded into quarters and A pillow on the bed for Desmond. The mattresses up at the house in the tent on the decI read about paper crafts to him. I had found some interesting books at the dump, so while he sat there on the bed, he looked through some.

I talked about painting the rest of the camper, and he wanted to help. It was a long way between sitting in chair relaxing and having the room prepared and painting. But, I did it. Desmond stood on the bedframe, upon which I had laid out all of the click flooring, to give it strength to hold us up. I taught him without paint in the tray, how to roll the ruler into the paint push it against the side pull it back and rub it a few times making sure to get paint all over it.

I was amazed at how well he listens. We work together me supporting him him holding the roller and we painted the ceiling and the walls and the bit of pressed particleboard behind the bed. It looks so much better now.

Mommy and Maia came down to let me know that Mary Jane had phoned.

They stayed for a while and then we went to the stream through the bushes. Luckily, we walked past my little outhouse chair and and stopped for someone to use it.

I lost my path. It used to be so plain where my path was. But it had disappeared, I think many branches have died and fallen down, littering the pathway, as they got hung up in the alder bushes.

Desmond walked, holding my hand. Did I mention he was barefoot, he couldn’t find his shoes either in the car or the house. But he was walking on the soft parts of everywhere he went, or actually the hard parts.

Through the bushes is a sick layer of soft black soil. I have some branches I put following the path on the path, so that I could walk it without falling into the sticker mud. It was pretty wet in the spring for a long time.

We sat on the bridge, not on the chairs on the bridge, with our feet on stones and let the children play in the water. The stream people gave us so’s nice trout shelter benches.

The stream is only a few inches deep. The children both took off their clothes so as to not get them wet. They found things in the water like a treasure hunt. A green stone, etc.

I removed a stone from the water, and show them how the little creatures on the rock wood be alive and moving. Fish food. Certain bugs for certain fish.

Opah came down to discuss the deck railing with me,And sat on the foot high stream bench for a little while. I was just thrilled that the children were actually enjoying the stream. What a nice place to play. Did I mention it was only about 3 inches deep? And that was at the deepest points. We couldn’t of done this anytime earlier, because the stream has always been much deeper. Now giant rocks are uncovered.

We all had a lot of fun. Allied a love but it was unchanged, but nothing it happened to alter the wilderness. It was wonderful to be there with everybody. It wasn’t anything that had happened before. Exciting.

We went back up to the house together, Desmond stayed with me and mommy and Maya Took the car.

I should does mean by secret path to come up to the house. We sat in the swing beside the end of fiddlehead pond and relaxed and looked at the water and the pretty view. Then we went around the corner and through the tall grasses I had stump down earlier in the day, across the two phone logs, under the wire that used to hold up the maple syrup buckets, and up the staircase.

The hillside, the end of sunrise hillside up terrarium hillside was covered with white flowers. Tall plants with small white flowers all over them. It reminded me of boneset, but it is a more delicate leaf and flour. I’ll have to look it up and see just what it is.

It really looks lovely there, completely covering the hillside. I see that there are two maple saplings growing on the hillside now. They look like beautiful sturdy trees. I’m so glad that they are growing there, as the roots will hold the hillside pretty well. It’s rather tricky living on the edge of the hill made of sand.

Mommy and Maia were waiting for us on the studio deck. Mommy took them up to the house to make them lunch. Maye had wanted to leave the stream because she was ready for a nap. She was asking for a nap.

Desmond stayed with me for a few minutes. He didn’t want to go up to the house. It was starting to rain, so it was amazing thing that we had gotten back to the house in time. I cleared things off the deck so that they wouldn’t get rained on.

Desmond went up to the house as it began to drizzle, to beat the rain, a moment after which, A downpour so sick that you couldn’t see to the field, as the sky and everything was white. Rain ran straight like a Fossett from the deck upstairs onto the table. I moved the bucket underneath it to catch the water. I couldn’t find all my little white baskets that I was using. Buckets. Plastic buckets.

I stayed in the studio throughout the rain, and tidied up. As I sit on the deck, I’ve been noticing how simple it will be to do the siding on the back of the studio.

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