Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thursday morning sunrise walk

I took two metal chairs down to the lower entrance.

One I left near the edge for sitting in while Desmond waits for the bus, and the other I took across and into the little berm beside it, the Stream side berm, I think that is what it’s called.

I left the chair in the trees, bordering the meadow, which is now Joe pie meadow. It’s such a beautiful place.

I cut through beside Joe Pye Meadow, moved one of the chairs from the bridge further upstream, where we could sit alongside the stream with the Joe pie behind us. A pair of chairs are on the other side of the stream just upstream.

Nature called, so I walked through to the old outhouse, then onward through the cedar highway berm. I had to stop and observe some changes in the forest. A tall red Pine had white drips on the ground around it. Something must have peeled the bark off. Perhaps a woodpecker.

In Sedgemeadow TP, at the teddy bear picnic, I rearrange the teddy bears. They are now in much better arrangement. They had been rained on a few times.

I sat and read about Russians after having created a nice circle of chairs. I was there until the sun shone on the road and it got very cold in the shade on my side of the road. I don’t think my hands have worn warmed up all day.

I came back up to the house, intending to make a basket. I grilled some tortillas on the burner, and made some. Doll.

I made mom a coffee and took it up to her.

Willem wanted me to remove the railing so they could win the woodshed into the corner where it will go.

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