Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thursday errands

I went into town, in need of something.

I think mostly I just needed something to do. I had a prompting I should take three copies of the book of Mormon to Lori in her convalescent home.

I did, and had a nice visit with her. It’s quite hard to talk loudly enough for her to hear, on account of her blindness and deafness on her one side.

Afterwards, I went to home hardware and look for straps in the garbage. I saw a few in the mostly empty bin. I reached in to get it, disturbing the fruit flies that came filming out as I stuck my head over the bin. Yuck. I thought, is this worth it? and all the coins fell out of my pocket into the bin.

I stood in contemplated leaving the $20 worth of coins, but decided against it. So I check the bin, and waved all of the fruit flies out, or as many as would go, and reached in to take the coins from the bottom corner. However, as I did so, some wet brown liquid flowed over the top of the coins. Good grief. I persevered, picked up the coins, loonies and Tooney‘s, and stood up. That was gross.

I went in home hardware and found the diamond drill bit, but forgot to find the shelf clips, which I remembered once I was sitting in my car again. So back I went, standing in the long line after finding the only two packs that were there. I wonder if they have them at the dollar store.

I went to giant Tiger, where I bought all the kinds of food that I can eat. I just needed to know that there were foods. I could still eat.

I hadn’t found the chopped garlic although I had selected each kind of fruit, and walk through the store looking at everything and all the Isles, I’m realizing that there was nothing that I could eat any of those Isles, as they were all package processed and likely wheat containing foods.

I went to the other grocery store, and did the same thing, ending up with a bunch of frozen fruit and raw fruit and some vegetables.

It was after three when I got home. That took forever! I’m glad I don’t go to town too often.

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