Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Rushes for weaving

I’ve been studying my cane, rush and straw book.

It’s by Excalibur books. I am quite interested in working on my mat. Ankaret finished her’s.

I took the wet brushes that were laying on the floor in the studio, and begin weaving them into a wide floor mat braid. I’ve been using double the number of rushers.

It’s easy to work it, if I sit on the deck and let it hang over the edge. That really works nicely. Not having a railing there helps, too.

It took a long time to do 6 inches, but I left it at that. This is the second strand I making. The other is on the deck behind the tent. I guess it’s time to resurrect that one and finish that as well.

I get very into what I’m reading, which would be the perfect time to work on it, but when I go back to the house, I get very distracted by the deck and the family room and the mess.

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