Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday morning walk

When I woke up at six, I decided I better go out right away, and have my morning walk.

It’s so important that I walk. I hunted through the cupboard for mittens and a hat. Yesterday my hands got so cold, I didn’t want to run that risk again. It took most of the day for my hands to recover.

It’s the changing of the seasons, you know. As the seasons change I’m not ready for the change, and end up getting cold.

Thick fog hung over the wetland, giving me some wonderful photographs this morning.

I like accessing the wetlands by going around The deck on sunrise hillside, holding onto the tree as I swing around down the hill, holding onto the railings as I can. Then pass the hobbit hole and down between the tree and the wall, and onto the studio deck.

Jasmine and Maia really like it down there. I took photos as I just sanded so wide descending steps on dead man’s run, the bottom of the valley between terrarium hillside and Cedarhill side.

I don’t know the name of the variety of wild flowers that are covering the hillside there. Sunrise hillside, the view to the wetlands, we are now 2 foot tall plants with white flowers cover the entire area. It’s quite beautiful

The rushes got a heavy do as well. They are standing against the TP. I hope that the heat of the day will drive them, and I can put them away where they will be safe.

Ian black, the weather guy, it’s always looking for interesting weather related pictures, so I’ll send him some.

I stopped to sit at iceberg pond and write in my journal and read. There is a lot of traffic this morning. I have been hearing it ever since I came outside. I guess the road is wet from all the dew and the fog, Which amplifies the sound of them on the road the way that ice does.

My toes are getting cold sitting here. Of the two chairs by IceBurgh pawn, one had larger drops of Jews in the other. So I chose the other.

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